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Impactful, unique, career enhancing international service-learning courses.

Impact your career, and your world.

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Let the World Become your Classroom

Learn about the plight of reef health in Mexico while contributing to research initiatives by collecting and reporting critical data.

In addition to reading about educational inequalities participate first hand in improving classroom infrastructure in India.

Contribute to vital species monitoring projects in the Costa Rican rainforest while learning about current conservation topics.

Make a Difference.


What is service-learning? 

Service-learning takes your academic experiences and connects them to comprehensive courses conducted both in your home country and abroad. On one of our service-learning courses, you will complete educational assignments connected to hands-on involvement with sustainable projects. As part of an established group, you will engage in meaningful reflection that places your experience within a wider global context.

Impact your career, and your world. 


Everything around was so humbling. This experience will resonate within me for a lifetime and I have Lluvia, Enrique and GVI to thank for it.

Gabriela Saldanha Blackwood

Mexico 2015

Benefits of a service-learning Program

Development of Soft Skills: Gain unique hands-on, practical skills and experiences that will impact you the rest of your life.

Career and Educational Advancement: At the top of every employer’s and universities’ list is relevant experience and skill development. For that reason, our programs provide you with essential skills to succeed in your future career or education.

Deeper Connection to Worldwide Development Goals: Contribute to sustainable community development and conservation projects built around the needs of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Personal Understanding: Discover new passions, beliefs and values, as well as potential career paths. Become more competent, confident, and driven.

We are committed to helping form the next generation of global citizens.

GVI's Service Learning Brochure


Cape Town

Limpopo, South Africa

Kerala, India

Pokhara, Nepal

Phang Nga, Thailand

Quepos, Costa Rica

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Student Service Learning Videos

A Typical Itinerary

All courses are based around a comprehensive curriculum which features pre and post trip elements. Please get in touch with us to discuss this is further detail, as it will be tailored to your requirements and educational focus or curriculum.

Before Leaving Home

Two weeks prior to departure, you will be assigned readings and assignments to set up your in country experience. Topics covered will include; cultural studies, a background in service learning, and a foundational look at global engagement.


GVI will meet you at the airport, providing a transfer back to your base. You’ll then have time to settle in and acclimatize. During this time you will be introduced to your project discussing topics such as health and safety, the background of the projects, introductions to all GVI staff, and sometimes a basic introduction to the language. You’ll then have a walking orientation tour of the area.

Service Days

Time to get stuck in! The activities that you get involved with will depend greatly on your destination and focus, and will also depend on the local need and requests of the local community. For the next few days you will be working as a team, reviewing and adjusting your progress, and evaluating your impact. As you progress you will also be immersed in a fascinating culture gaining a deeper understanding of the world at large.

There will be scheduled reflection periods each day, which will give your team the time to discuss the achievements of the day, prepare for any adjustments needed for the next day, and analyze and discuss what you saw and did throughout the day. There will also be opportunities to take part in various local activities, from cooking classes to dance lessons!


Time for a celebration! As a reward, groups will head off to take part in a variety of adventure activities – think white water rafting, hiking, or city and temple tours!


Time to say farewell to the local community and reflect on your overall service learning course. This is the time to think about the skills you gained, the new understanding that you may have on a classroom topic, your personal development as a global citizen, and the in country impact that you were able to contribute towards.

Post Return

You will continue to engage with active reflection and educational expansion two weeks after returning home. Emphasis will be placed on educational and career development, staying actively engaged as a global citizen, and reflecting on individual growth.

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