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Playa del Carmen

Stunning tropical beaches, pristine white sand and deep blue waters.


One of North America’s best-kept secrets!

Diversity is key when describing Mexico. With a plethora of different environments to explore from jungles to mountains to desert and a fascinating combination of rich cultural variety. The coastal city of Playa del Carmen is located in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico along the gorgeous Caribbean Sea. Temperatures remain high throughout the year, providing more time for outdoor fun. A fun loving destination, Playa del Carmen is a great place to let your hair down while exploring local attractions like Fifth Avenue, the Sian Ka’an reserve, and world famous scuba diving destinations.

This vibrant city hosts many famous restaurants, but also offers a more cultural cuisine experience with colorful dishes bursting with flavor. All the foodies, take note – Mexico’s cuisine has even been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status! Come bite into one of the most well known Yucatan dishes, cochinita pibil, a delicious slow roasted pork dish. While certain parts of Playa del Carmen have been commercialized, providing you with boundless entertainment, there is a still a big population of underdeveloped communities and unfortunately local wildlife has become endemic. Join our friendly team in Mexico to make a long-term, sustainable difference to the lives of the communities we work in.

Mexico Marine Awareness Course

Dive into a marine conservation course on Mexico’s Mesoamerican coral reef, the second largest reef in the world. Learn about coral and fish identification strategies, environmental issues facing the area, and earn your PADI diving qualification in order to better study the reefs.

Location: Playa del Carmen

Duration: From 1 week

Focus: Marine Conservation

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Meet Lluvia

Country Director of Mexico

Meet Lluvia! Lluvia has an extensive background in environmental education and is a qualified Divemaster and Biologist. She originally joined GVI as a participant in our National Scholarship Programme in Mexico, on our Marine Conservation Expedition, and we just couldn’t let her go!

GVI through their very well structured volunteers program has supported WWF to disseminate the whale shark tourism good practices campaign.

WWF Mexico, Judith Morales

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