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Costa Rica

Quepos & Jalova

Tropical jungles, exotic wildlife and the most relaxed people around.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Welcome to the ‘pura vida’ way of life!

The people of Costa Rica live a simple life where less definitely means more. True to the lifestyle, the people are friendly and place a significant emphasis on the importance of community. However, most of Costa Rica’s population is still living in very basic conditions and some regions are in urgent need of support.


The lively town of Quepos is located on Costa Rica’s central Pacific coast. Some exciting information for all the nature lovers: Quepos is the access point to the well-known Manuel Antonio National Park, home to a whole rainforest of wildlife. It also hosts a pristine coastline where regular swells occur all day long; any surfer’s dream. A wealth of action-packed activities are found in this characterful town; from kayaking to surfing to exploring the outdoors. A great place to get a taste of the tropical ‘pura vida’ life and get a chance to make a crucial difference in the local communities.


The stunning Jalova area is found in the famed Tortuguero National Park, where locals have the best of both worlds. Surrounded by both a protected rainforest and the Caribbean Sea there is a wealth of diversity to be explored. The beautiful coastline is home to one of the largest nesting colonies of green turtles in the world. Amazingly there is no road access to this location, so all transportation is via canoe or motorboat through the breathtaking river system surrounded by tropical rainforest and wildlife. Get ready for a tropical adventure of a lifetime!

Cynthia Arochi Zendejas

Cynthia Arochi Zendejas

Country Director of Costa Rica

Meet Cynthia, our former Program Coordinator in Mexico, and current Country Director in Costa Rica! She started out with GVI as one of our National Scholarship Program participants back in 2006, and her skills and enthusiasm just made it too hard to let her get away! Cynthia is a certified Veterinarian, an EFR Instructor and holds a Master’s Degree in International Environmental Science.

Costa Rica Community Development Course

Join our comprehensive service learning course in Quepos, Costa Rica. Contribute to sustainable long term community projects while completing supplemental educational assignments. Gain a deeper understanding of international development, global citizenship, and intercultural competency.

Location: Quepos, Costa Rica Duration: From 1 week Focus: Community Development

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Costa Rica Conservation Course

Live on a remote research station while partaking in our conservation focused service learning course. Learn about rainforest ecosystems while assisting with turtle, jaguar, bird, and forest conservation projects. Complete educational assignments which complement the on the ground experience.

Location: Jalova, Costa Rica Duration: From 1 week Focus: Conservation

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GVI works with local stakeholders to make valuable contributions to remote communities in a culturally sensitive way.

Outstanding Project Award Winner 2013, World Youth & Student Travel Conference

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