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International Internships

Intern abroad with GVI on environmental, marine and community development research based projects that develop you personally and professionally

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International Internships with GVI

A GVI Internship provides students with practical work experience that enhances their personal and professional development. Interns are provided with hands-on experience that impacts their future career and contribute towards key global issues across a variety of fields, while living on a GVI base for 6 weeks or longer.

Specifically geared towards developing teamwork and leadership skills, our internships will not only give students real-world field experience in a variety of developing countries, but they will also equip them with both soft and hard skills, including intercultural fluency and global citizenship.

Many students complete a GVI internship before university or college, or while studying to compliment classroom-based, theoretical learning such as research for a thesis or dissertation project. Over the last 17 years, many students have also gained academic credit for their time on a GVI Internship. GVI has worked with several noteworthy educational institutes such as Stanford University, Duke University, University of Oxford, New York University, Northeastern University, University of Brighton, University of Bath, University of East Anglia, Plymouth University, University of Oregon, University of Glasgow, Bournemouth University, and Cardiff University.

Students can join an internship in Latin America, Asia, Australasia or Africa, from 6 – 24 weeks.

Environmental and Community Development Internships

Marine Conservation

Students can get involved with collecting data on turtles, conducting surveys on coral and fish species, and can gain a variety of PADI qualifications renowned international partners such as PADI, Project Aware, and WWF.

“GVI’s been of benefit in providing data towards the conservation of marine mammals” ~ WWF, Kenya

Wildlife Conservation

Students can assist with the rehabilitation of Asian elephants, research the endangered jaguar, or collect data on other species with partners such as WWF, the South African National Parks, and the Ministry of Environment, Costa Rica.

“With GVI’s help, it’s easier to achieve Tortuguero’s National Park goals”  ~ Ministry of Environment, Costa Rica

Community Development

Students can teach English to young monks in Laos, provide more access to education and healthcare to children, or become a TEFL qualified teacher in Thailand with renowned international partners such as Save the Children.

“The intercultural coexistence with GVI enriches their development” ~ Save the Children, Mexico


Each GVI Internship Includes:

Students could also complete:


Hands-On Field Training

Comprehensive field training by GVI’s passionate and professional staff


Staff Mentorship

Weekly one-on-one staff mentorship sessions & evaluations with a designated project mentor


An Individual Project

Interns will be assigned a specific research based project whilst in the field, which they will review with their mentor throughout the internship.


Leadership and teamwork experience

Including certification and a summary of training and experience received, covering a range of transferable soft skills.


An exclusive GVI Leadership Training Course

Additional training specifically designed to develop leadership skills and prepare students for a career in or out of the field.



A confidential professional recommendation on completion of the course


Field Employment

After a successful internship, qualifying candidates may be given the opportunity to work for GVI or selected partner organizations.


Environmental Research Training

Telemetry & research training, wildlife identification techniques, track identification training, tropical forest ecology training, terrestrial research training


PADI Training and Certification

PADI Open Water, PADI Advanced Open Water, PADI Rescue Diver, PADI Divemaster, PADI Coral Reef Research Diver Distinctive Speciality, IDC, MSDT


ASDAN Universities Award

The Universities Award can enhance career paths and UCAS applications. Successful applicants receive a PDF certificate.


Leading Biological Surveys Course

Provides training and experience needed to start planning and running independent surveys in the field and can be applied to any environment around the world.


Spanish Lessons

Spanish lessons are a requirement for our community projects in Costa Rica and Mexico unless the applicant is fluent or at an advanced level.


Work placement

If successful during the first 12 weeks of the internship

A Success Story

We have alumni all over the world who have gone onto work with high profile organisations after completely their GVI Internship. Our training is so comprehensive that 65% of our staff are GVI Alumni!

Ian Thompson

Conservation Internship in Costa Rica

‘Without the opportunities and training provided by GVI as part of its internship, I would of never of had the practical background and experience needed for my current employment. After working as the ‘Jaguar Project Manager’ at the Jalova research station, I moved to form the ‘Coastal Jaguar Conservation’ with independent researcher Stephany Arroyo-Arce. I use all aspects of the training I received during my internship with GVI on a daily basis. During this period, I received training as varied as field skills and animal tracking to giving presentations ‘

Our International Internships

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