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The International Service Learning Curriculum

A comprehensive, accredited curriculum, with 2 weeks pre and post-departure readings and assignments.

The Service Learning Course Description

Our curriculum introduces students to international service-learning and sustainable development, both in content and practice. Through lectures, discussion, research, service, and reflection (beginning two weeks prior to their departure and continuing two weeks after their return home), students in this course engage in meaningful, context-driven service-learning at home and abroad.

Scroll down to find out more about our learning outcomes, how the course grading is weighted, and download an example course curriculum for a one week in-country experience.

Important Note: As we continue to consult academic experts on best practices and educational frameworks, the content for this page and it’s accompanying PDF is under production, and an upgraded version (2.0) will be released in January 2017.

(October 2016)

Detailed PDF Under Production

To Be Released Jan '17

Intercultural Competency

Increased Employability 

Professional Development 

Global Citizenship

The Service Learning Curriculum Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcome 1

Students will be able to synthesize service learning as a means for personal and professional growth.

Learning Outcome 2

Students will be able to analyze local issues in the context of global issues.

Learning Outcome 3

Students will be able to analyse global issues as faced by various countries through the lens of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Learning Outcome 4

Students will be able to work effectively across cultures.

Learning Outcome 5

Students will be able to synthesize their own capacities and choices in terms of how they impact upon themselves and the world.

Chris MacDonald, Stelly's School, 2016

‘Great pre-planning, community involvement and scale of project. The focus on sustainability and purpose of development was great.’

How the Course is Graded


Class Participation




Reflection Journals


Research Paper

Class Participation

Students are expected to have read required articles for each week and come to each class session prepared to discuss and explore what they have learned.  Students are also committed to adhering to guidelines and expectations of their host organization, serving as a reliable and respectful partner in service.

Class participation is worth 10% of the total grade for the course.


Students will complete a short worksheet to explore their personal, educational, and professional interests, skills, and goals for their service-learning experience abroad.

This worksheet is worth 10% of the total grade for the course.

Reflection Journals

Reflection journals are a critical component of effective service-learning.  Students will be expected to write a new reflection journal entry each week of the course.

Reflection journal entries  are worth 50% of the total grade for the course.

Research Paper

Students will engage in research on a topic of their choice related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Research papers count for 30% of the total grade for the course.

Download the Full PDF Curriculum

Released Jan '17

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