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Examining Group Dynamics in Service Learning

The importance of group dynamics in service-learning is an important factor to consider. As a microcosm of community development, service-learning programs strive to better incorporate an individual’s experience – via student learning – for a collective good, through community-building that is takes place both within and without the classroom setting.

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Service Learning and The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals, as outlined by the United Nations, call for the interconnection and integration of society, economy, and environment for the positive transformation of our world. This balance comes as a difficult task to accomplish, which is why the cooperation to achieve these goals at all levels of government and civil society will be the key factor in how well and how fast they are realized.

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4 Critical Components of Contemporary Education Abroad

Melissa Torres currently serves as GVI’s Director of Educational Partnerships, and has extensive experience working with the field of education abroad. I asked her to sit down with me to address some pertinent questions for both higher education and education abroad, to get a broader understanding of how educators can maximize their programs in the coming months.

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Community Building and Service Learning: 4 Key Questions To Consider

The pedagogical difficulties that inevitably arise when combining student development with community development require vigilant attention. Questions concerning the outcomes of service-learning for the student as compared to the community have the potential to create ethical tensions. These are four key questions educators, students, and communities alike can consider when devising how to approach and engage in ethical service-learning.

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The Importance of Soft Skills in the Workplace

A service learning course has the development of soft skills built in as a key learning objective. Not only are activities, both educational and in the field, designed around pushing soft skill development but built in reflection periods also help to build awareness surrounding the development of individual soft skills. This developmental awareness is key as it means that individuals not only possess soft skills but can also talk about them in an interview setting.

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All About Service Learning for High School Students

Learning is an individual process and sometimes as students it can feel like the system in which we are expected to learn simply doesn’t work for us. This is why alternative educational opportunities can be wonderful supplements to the daily education that high school students receive. There are many types of non-traditional educational opportunities, below we take a closer look at service learning and why it may be a good opportunity for you!

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